client: Canadian Medical
date: 11/02/2023
place: Prague, Czech Republic
number of guests: 150

We were thrilled to be part of the preparations and implementation of the Inaugural International Conference of GP CON Prague 2023. The conference was held in the Václavek 22 venue, under the auspices of Dalibor Stoszko, MD, and Canadian Medical. The event focus was artificial intelligence, its practical use in healthcare, and its impact on the psychological well-being of patients. The conference featured lectures from top experts in this field from Europe and the USA.

The conference programme was perfectly complemented by sketch noting - a very attractive illustrator's exhibition by Vladimír Strejček, during which conference participants had the opportunity to watch the creation of a visual record of the spoken word in real time.

STARS Events were responsible for the complete technical and organizational aspects of the event, as well as communications and PR support to the client.

We are already looking forward to the next year!

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