date: 04/24/2024
place: Munich, Germany
number of guests: 200

We are pleased that we are a European agency and that we are increasingly expanding into the German market as well. Evidence of this is, for example, the Heart Of Service Summit event, which we had the opportunity to prepare and complete for our client Salesforce at the end of April 2024.

The goal of the event was to invite local ServiceBlazers and explore artificial intelligence in customer service, networking, sharing inspiring stories, and exchanging best practices for implementing Salesforce's Service Cloud solutions.

We are a turnkey operator of a complete event for the client, apart from professional content and speakers - we greatly appreciate the trust in our STARS EVENTS team and our professional services. Our role was also communication with partners, conclusion of the contract and collection of partner fees. As part of the event, in addition to classic photo and video documentation, I am a small studio for filming short medallions with key partners, which are communicated on the ServiceBlazers community throughout the year.

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