client: AMADEUS Real Estate a.s.
date: 06/20/2024
place: MÁJ, Národní třída, Prague 1
number of guests: 4000

It was an adrenaline rush until the very last moment. After the lengthy renovation of the former MÁJ department store and just before its premises were opened to the general public again, we were part of the organizing team responsible for the program and logistics of the 2day opening extravaganza for partners, investors and VIP guests. Our primary role was to deliver the program (and related technical and production support) across the nine floors of the building with the aim of entertaining the attendees from morning to midnight

Nearly 100 hostesses, 14 hours/day of non-stop entertainment, and Prague skyline views to die for... it was a one-of-a-kind event!

For those who didn't experience the performances of Michal David, ABBA and BEATLES REVIVAL and Swiss-Italian ESTERIORE BROTHERS first hand, check out a selection of photos and videos that capture the unique atmosphere.

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