date: 11/08/2023
place: Zurich, Switzerland
number of guests: 1200

After a few months, together with the whole STARS team, we returned to Switzerland thanks to the World Tour Essentials Zurich project for the biggest CRM platform, Salesforce.

This time too, we were in charge of the complete branding of the event and the production of unique decorations in accordance with the visual identity of the event. And that includes flower decorations, furniture and also the provision and construction of 6 wooden houses, which gave us the opportunity to offer space for private meetings.

What have we secured?
⍟ Complete decoration of the Keynote Stage
⍟ Complete decoration of the Astro Stage, Codey Stage & Brandy Stage
⍟ Complete decoration for Rock Stage
⍟ Complete small-format and large-format prints incl. suspended or independent systems
⍟ Production and construction of 6 wooden houses
⍟ 14 demos for the presentation of Salesforce products
⍟ 15 sponsor stands
⍟ Slack, Tableau and Mulesofr lodges
⍟ AWS lodge
⍟ Production of 4 wooden boxes for Lego City
⍟ United uniforms for hostess:es
⍟ Grass carpets
⍟ Floral decoration
⍟ Complete photo and video documentation of the event

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