client: Český svaz pivovarů a sladoven
date: 10/19/2023
place: Prague Crossroads
number of guests: 240

TBCDid you know that it was Charles IV who appointed Saint Wenceslas as the patron saint of brewers and maltsters? The world’s largest brewing association "The Association for the Brewing Industry in the Czech Republic", whose successor is today's Czech Association of Breweries and Maltings, has a 150-year tradition in our country! The magical space of the Prague Crossroads thus offered the ideal backdrop for a festive gala evening - the St. Wenceslas Festival.

Guests were welcomed by Ing. Roman Havlík, President of the Association and the Minister of Agriculture Mgr. Marek Výborný. The evening was hosted by the charismatic moderator and well-known beer lover, Adéla Gondíková. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the results of the tasting competition ČESKÉ PIVO 2023. The beers were evaluated in six categories, from the increasingly popular non-alcoholic beers to dark beers, draught beers and lagers. The absolute winner was the light lager ZUBR Gradus - don't miss it!
For their outstanding contribution to the industry, the following were inducted into the Hall of Fame: Ing. Pavel Čejka, CSc., and Ing. Pavel Kutmon.

The award was presented in an unconventional way by the acrobats of the Losers Cirque Company, who performed an amazing spectacle combining dance and new circus. The Days of Czech Beer started with the ceremonial kegging of the winning lager. With the traditional greeting "God bless you", we can only call out "Rise up, let's go for a beer!

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